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Terms and Conditions



These can be made by telephone, e-mail or post. The tuition is based on the specific requirements of the student. Appointments can be made for weekdays only.


Late Arrival

Students should aim to arrive a few minutes before the start of their lesson time. Any student who arrives late can only expect to be given the remainder of their lesson and not the full lesson time unless agreed beforehand. Any student who is running late for a lesson will be expected to call or text to give an estimated arrival time.


Personal Property

All items of personal property are brought onto Launch2Learning's premises entirely at the owner's risk. Launch2Learning will not be held responsible, nor accept any liability, for any loss or damage to any such items, however caused.


Teaching Process

Teaching will be provided by a qualified and experienced teacher.  Teaching assistants are available under the supervision of the qualified teacher and will not deliver or assess tutorials.


Extra Tuition

If a child is having significant problems with specific material, an extra-help session(s) can be offered by the teacher. These will usually be on a 1:1 basis and a higher rate will be charged accordingly to the specialism required. This will be discussed with parents or carers on individual need. 


Missed Sessions

Missed sessions cannot be refunded, except under exceptional circumstances.


Payment terms

We encourage the setting up of a standing order for payment. Cash payments must be clearly marked in an envelope, cheques to be made payable to Launch2Learning. 


Are there any other fees or charges?

We reserve the right to charge up to £50 for the following:

  • Letters about failed payments or referring debts to a collection agency
  • Administering fees not paid by automatic payment


Students should be aware that they are attending a Launch2Learning to study and are expected to behave responsibly at all times.  Activity which could cause disturbance to other students or staff will result in instant dismissal from the course.  In such case no refund of fees will be made.


In the interests of the students' well-being whilst in the teachers' care, the centre must be informed of any medical or other conditions affecting the student.



Variation of fees and services

Fees may be changed and the services offered added to or withdrawn at any time. However, fees will not be varied during a course or other service in progress. At least one week advance notice will be given by the centre.


Payment of Fees 

Launch2Learning reserves the right to adjust the course fee(s) due if the tuition fees are amended for any reason. Any adjustment to the total course fee(s) will be included in, or deducted from, the final payment. Clients will be notified of any such adjustments as they occur.


Launch2Learning will impose a £35 administration charge in all cases of dishonoured cheques.


If any payment is not made by the due date, a charge of 5% of the outstanding instalment(s) will be levied automatically.


Launch2Learning will impose a further £10 administration charge on each occasion that it becomes necessary to pursue a late payment.


Should the payment schedule not be met at any time, and the client continues to attend lessons, Launch2Learning will be entitled to end any agreement to pay by instalments, and to demand that all outstanding payments, together with the payment of the remaining balance of the total course fee(s), are paid in full immediately.


Non-payment of any instalment may result in the pupil being excluded from further classes.


Should a client, or their bank, either fail to cancel a standing order or cease making payments on the final payment date shown on the standing order, Launch2Learning will deduct an administration charge of £35 from any refund made. 


REMINDER: If you wish to stop tuition at any time, please give written notice 4 weeks prior to end date.